In loving memory to
Ride Like The Wind                                      April 30, 1978 to August 24, 2002

Jason Fitzsimmons died on August 24, 2002 in a skydiving accident. This webpage is about Jason. It is a website to share memories and stories, words and pictures that made Jason so unique and special. If you have a picture to share or would like to talk to Jason, his friends or family, send an e-mail and I will publish it up here . Madsky serves as a tribute to his life, to share the memory and to keep him alive within us. We will never forget you!

There is a site for Brad Walk who also died in the accident.
Memorial Service:
The memorial service was held at Skydive Dallas on the 30th of August 2002. His family and many of his friends attended. He jumped for the last time with his skydiving buddies in an ash dive. Skydivers say that he was living the life.

Links on this site:
o Memorial speech by Uncle Marc
o Memorial speech by Christine
o Skydive Poem shared by Vicky
o Pictures from the memorial by Matt
o Video of Jason jump a weekend before
o same video - smaller size
o Jason's first solodive

If you would like to have a copy of the ash-dive video, you can contact Matt.

Pictures of Jason ...

Thank you Nic for these pictures.

Evan's Family Reunion July 02

Eric, Andrew, Jason Partying
(when Jason went to TTU ?)

Jason and Kevin, Febuary 02

Jason Hung Over June 97

Jason and Matt July16 2002

Jason on Uncle Matt's boat

Jason and Kevin's going away party 1998

Jason and Matt 1998

Jason and Matt, Christmas 1989

collage by Matt

given out at the memorial service


Jason at skydivehouston...

working hard...

Jason at work...

Jason and foozball...

Jason picture "presenting" at Solid Systems for the Intranet.


his first video with his new camera...

Watch the full video here:

small .WMV file (5MB)

large WMV file (25MB) (slow)


Emails and Memories
e-mail all what you like to say to Jason, his friends and family.

August 2019
2019-17 years Jason and I am still needing to talk to you. Your family misses you so much and your family misses you so much. I heard RIDE LIKE THE WIND recently and it made me smile thinking of our good times. Missing you so much.
Mom and Marsh
August 2019
We miss you Jas and I hope you have blue skies everyday!!
Love Aunt Christie and Uncle Bill
April, 2019
You are always in our hearts and thoughts Jason. We love and miss you every day. Happy Birthday in heaven.
Dad, Lorri, Tory, and Roy
April, 2019
Happy Birthday!!
We got Matt back in Texas!! Love you and miss you terribly!
Aunt Christie
August, 2018
There are no words to say how much you are missed. We love you and miss you!
Mom and Dad
August, 2018
I'm still missing you Jason and always will! Cheers to Blue Skies!!
Aunt Christie
August, 2017
Fifteen years ago we had the best time at the beach. Lots of laughs and shenanigans that have become Jason' sayings! You left us too soon and we miss you dearly! Blue skies to you!
Love Aunt Christie and Uncle Bill
August, 2017
Some days it seems like yesterday I was sitting right next to you and some days it seems so long. After all this time it is still very hard not to see your face but we do talk and think about all our wonderful times with you.RIP our beautiful boy!
Love, Mom and Marsh
August, 2016
Missing your laugh and smile and sense of humor your family misses you so much!
love, Mom and Marsh
August, 2015
Jason thinking about you and missing you.We are going to see one of you favorite bands Dave Matthews with your brother on his birthday. It makes me smile how you loved singing his music. I know you will be there with us kicking up some dirt! We miss you always Jas.
love, Mom and Marsh
April, 2015
Happy Birthday to you (out of tune as usual)!
I miss your wonderful personality and sweet smile!
I missed you at the big occasion in our life but I know you were smiling at us through the whole celebration! You also got some pretty good chuckles I'll bet! We love you!
Aunt Christie, Uncle Bill, Max, Christian, Caitlin and Alan
April, 2015
Happy Birthday Jason ! I remember how much you loved springtime and all the beautiful flowers and the beautiful blue skies. I can still see your great big smile that we all miss so much.
Mom and Marsh
August, 2014
Heard from you today...sort of...I like to think! Caitlin and I were at David's bridal and she was having her alterations done. The song "Heaven" came on! She noticed it first.I felt a thumbs up and a wink! I miss you and wish you could be here with us again but I feel your presence often!
We all love you and miss you Jas!
Aunt Christie
April, 2014
Blue Skies to our beautiful son who is missed so much.
Mom and Marsh
April, 2014
Happy Birthday Jason! We all love and miss you very much!
Aunt Christie
April, 2013
I think of you all the time and miss you! Happy Birthday Jason! Love,
Aunt Christie
April, 2013
Happy Birthday Jason. Your family misses you so much. I'm finishing up your paradise garden I know you would love it!
Mom and Marsh
January 26, 2013
Every time the movie "Signs" is on tv, I think about you. I can remember sitting on the carpet in the "office" area of your apartment and watching it for the first time on your laptop. You and your bootleg copies of movies... I still love this movie, but seeing it makes me miss you so much. It definitely doesn't feel like over ten years have passed. I am so grateful for the memories of you Jason.
To our loving son who brought so much joy and laughter, we regrettably have to accept that 10 years have now accumulated since your passing. Although we continue to be spiritually connected, we miss the void of your presence on a daily basis. We recognize you are in good company and will continue to focus our efforts on the unbelievable memories you left behind.Dont sweat the small stuff still lingers in our thoughts and is hard sometimes to apply. You seemed to have mastered this art and we will continue to work on it.
Our sincerest love,
Marsh and Mom
We cannot thank you enough for your dedication in keeping the Madsky web page functional for 10 years now. Your continued support of providing the service and maintaining the postings have not gone unnoticed and Vicky and I cannot thank you enough for your efforts over the years. Jason certainly had a trusting and dedicated friend in you. From all of us who have posted and prospered from the web site, our sincerest thank yous are extended to you. Jason is truly proud of your efforts as well, I am sure.
Vicky and Marsh
Jas...I love coming here to see all of your pictures and read any new posts! I really chuckled when I read Mark's ...LOL! Seems like that trip was yesterday and it's been 10 years. I wonder what you would be doing today if you could be here with all of us... I'm sure great things! I love you and we all miss you very much. You left us with many happy memories and I cherish them.
Love you,
Aunt Christie
Hi Jase, Wish you were here. Matt and I had a great time together here in Wilmington. We shared many beers, and many great stories going back many years. We laughed histerically at the Clayton hit-and-walk incident at the beach house on Wrightsville beach. I think of you often and know you are present, and many tunes make me think of you and a few still make me cry and smile: Bittersweet Symphony, Wild Horses (especially the DM/MJ version), I Will Remember You, Where Are You Going.
Love you Jase, Uncle Mark
Happy Birthday Jason. We miss you as always.

Dad, Lorri, Tory and Roy
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday Dear Jason,
Happy Birthday to you!

Miss you, love you!
Aunt Christie, Uncle Bill and Caitlin,
Max and Christian
Happy Birthday Jason we miss you so very much.Love,Mom and Marsh.
Jason, I was overcome with emotion today with your sign. My family had just sat down to eat lunch after burying my grandma's ashes, when "Bittersweet Symphony" began playing in the restaurant. Your timing was impecible. I know I was crying, but it was such a sweet and touching moment too. I'm happy you and Grandma Flo Jo got to meet each other today. Miss you so much!
We miss you so much Jason. You are always in our thoughts and hearts
Love, Dad, Lorri, Tory and Roy
Miss you, love you!
Aunt Christie
Jason, I heard two of your favorite songs the other day and it made me smile I was thinking back to the times we would fight over which CSN song we were going to sing to and who would sing the most off key! We miss you terribly but are so lucky to have such wonderful memories.
Love, Mom and Marsh
Happy Birthday Jason. We miss you and love you!
Aunt Christie
Happy Birthday Jason. Missing you more than ever. Fond memories of your life are still vivid in our thoughts. You are sorely missed each and every day and as time goes on we still struggle with your loss.

Mom and Marsh
We miss you so much jason. Tory and roy seem to feel your loss more now that they are young adults themselves, but there is no doubt you are with us and watching over all the happenings! we love you!

Dad, Lorri, Tory & Roy
We miss you and love you Jas! Caitlin and I were looking at old pictures the other day and we have such wonderful memories with you!
Aunt Christie, Uncle Bill, Caitlin,Max and Christian
Jason - We miss you always. There is not a day that goes by that you are not in our thoughts. We cherish our memories together. I ran across this quote and it says it all:

If tears could be a stairway
and memories a lane,
I'd walk right up to Heaven
and bring you home again.

Author Unknown

Mom and Marsh
Happy Birthday Jason!
We miss you and love you!
There is so much we wish we could share with you but I have a feeling you already know!
Aunt Christie, Uncle Bill, Caitlin, Max and Christian
Happy birthday Jason. We miss you so much. I can still hear you laughing when you were little whenever anyone asked you when your birthday was you'd smile that big smile and say April 30th in the spring. You always had to add spring!I I can still see you smelling all the flowers that you loved.We will be swimming with your dolphin friends this summer and remembering how you loved the beach.Always missing you Jason.

Love Mom and Marsh
This week I was teaching a lesson on subjects and predicates, so I had my class play a match-up game that I created many years ago. Every time I think about the day I made the game, I have to smile as I think of Jason tricking me.

He came upstairs to my apartment and was waiting for me on my couch. I was in my bedroom finishing up the cards for the game. After a few minutes he asked me what I was doing. I told him I had to finish the game for the following day. He then said, "If I'd known you were going to be busy I wouldn't have bothered to come up." Following his bratty lead I replied, "Then go." Moments later I heard my front door open and close. I distinctly remember rolling off my bed and saying out loud, "I KNOW you didn't just leave" but already knowing that he probably did leave just to be a brat. As soon as I got to the front door, Jason jumped out from behind my kitchen counter to scare me. I laughed so hard.

I have the biggest smile on my face just typing this and remembering when it happened. Oh how that boy could make me laugh. Seven years passing hasn't managed to erase the memory of my wonderful month with Jason.

I miss you so much!

Missing you, Jason.
I was just laughing to myself, thinking of the time you buried me in a giant sand ditch at Wrightsville about ten years ago... I miss those days. Always thinking of you
Jillian (pea)
We miss you so much Jason. Words can not express.
Lorri, Dad, Tory and Roy
I miss you. I miss you. I miss you.
Love always,
I miss your smile ... but I smile all the time when I think of you!
Aunt Christie
Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Jason, Happy Birthday to you!
Miss you!
Happy Birthday to our beautiful Jason you are missed so very much.
All our love,
Mom and Marsh
Happy Birthday Jason!
We love you and miss you!
I wish you could have seen your tree
this was beautiful!
Love Aunt Christie, Uncle Bill, Caitlin,
Max and Christian
I miss you and love you Jason!
Aunt Christie
We miss you so Jason. It is sad to think how much you would be enjoying Tory and Roy. We go to Dave every summer and bring the tye-dye shirt from skydive Dallas, knowing you are there with us! Roy plays Dave on the guitar like Dave!!! You would love it!!! Your are always on our minds and wish so much you were with us, especially when we're having our family adventures! I know you are happy where ever you are and watching on us, but we miss you so.
Dad, Lorri, Tory and Roy
Ah, sweet Jason. Today is the 6 year anniversary of our first date and you made me smile when I heard "Bittersweet Symphony" playing on the radio this evening. I don't care if anyone thinks I'm crazy, I refuse to believe that it's just a coincidence. Thanks for showing you're thinking of me too.
Miss you! Cheri
Happy 30th birthday Jason!
We love and miss you!
Aunt Christie, Uncle Bill
Caitlin, Max and Christian
I miss you and love you Jason!!
Aunt Christie
My sweet Jason it's so very hard to believe it will be 5 yrs. without you. I am truly the luckiest mom ever to have 2 beautiful boys like you and Matt.I think often of your last trip home and how lucky we were to see you one more time and how you just had to jump in Phoenix.I still can see your big smile that I miss so much and even though our time was short I'm so grateful for the time I had to be your mom.
Always missing you Jas,
Love Mom
Well five years ago tonight was my first date with Jason which ended up being an evening talking on my balcony into the wee hours of the night. This is always the hardest time, July 24-August 24, because we saw each other everyday during that time. It still amazes me to think about all the special moments we had in just 30 little days. As I was driving home tonight I started talking to him about that first evening and just remembering some of the things he said and did in the days that followed. Those conversations and moments haven't left my mind even after all this time. Anyway, with his usual perfect timing, as I turned on the car radio, I heard the beginning of "I Will Remember You" by Sarah McLachlan. He always knows how to make me feel like he's listening to me talk. My heart still aches, but my memories of him always bring a smile to my face.

Thinking of you Jason!
Happy Birthday're Dogwood tree finally bloomed this year and it was were right!
Love and Miss you..
Aunt Christie
I miss you and love you..
Aunt Christie
Happy Birthday Jason...
We miss and love you very much...each and every day.
Love Aunt Christie, Uncle Bill
Caitlin, Max and Christian
I can't believe it's been three years today. Since I figured many of you would be logging on today, I thought I'd post an entry to say hi to all of Jason's fans.

I know many of us have our own little signs that tell us Jason's still hanging around. For me it's usually in the form of music. Recently I woke up to hear "Ride Like the Wind" playing on the radio which really blew me away- definitely not a commonly played song. After hearing a little Carole King being played yesterday afternoon, I wasn't too surprised to drive home and hear DMB "Where Are You Going" playing.

I won't even get into my magically closing classroom door. Let's just say each year my students get used to our "classroom angel" that can beat even the strongest of door stops. I can't bring myself to believe these little things are just coincidences. I just hope that whatever little signs Jason sends your way continue to bring more smiles than tears as you think about him.

Take care everyone!
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday SWEET Jason
Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love...Aunt Christie
My story with this site started almost a year ago.I was searching for some more information about skydiving and happened to come across this site.
I've always passionate about skydiving since I could remember seeing people jumping of a plane and fly like a bird in the sky.I thought to myself "WOW they must be so happy to have a chance to explore this world from up there".Maybe the word "freedom" would be understood more when we can see as far as we want to,when we can ride the sky like a bird and when we are so far away from the busy world down there. It was so sad and happy to know about his life,his passion and to have known so many stories from people who came into his life.
Jason has been one of the greatest inspirations in my life as he lived his life to the fullest and dedicated all of it to be with something he loved to do.Anytime I feel bad or think that this life is not as good,I would turn on my computer to watch his video from the week before his accident to remind myself to go forward in life and always believe in myself just like he did to his life.The smile from his friends and the way he dives the sky always make me dream more and more of having a chance to be up there like he did.
I'd like to thank Jason,his family,his friends and everybody who have involved in establishing this website.My life has been changed because of Jason and I do believe that it will make a big difference on many people's lives in the future.Maybe Jason is much happier now that he can always "ride like the wind" with God in heaven.

Faithfully Admire,
Krajangwit Johjit

It is hard to believe that two years have passed since your accident. There is not a day that goes by that you are not in our thoughts and prayers.
It is true that our our lives are different today but we are beginning to realize the life lessons you taught us - pursue your passions, be true to yourself, and most importantly, don't sweat the small stuff. The latter has been the most difficult, but we promise you, WE WILLl get this right as this was your most defining character.

Each day of our lives we think about you with a smile on our face and a tear in our eyes only wishing you were still with us. Do not think for one moment that you are forgotten. Your spirit and gust for life will be etched in our memories forever.

Love always,
Mom, Marsh and Matt
Well Jason..another year has gone by and we wish we could have shared it with you. We talk and think about you all the time.
Miss you and love you.....Aunt Christie, Uncle Bill, Caitlin, Max and Christian
I don't know if somebody noticed, but there is a nice quote at the bottom of the page. It says:

Once you have flown, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, there you long to return. -- Leonardo da Vinci

It helps me understand the fasination that Jason must have felt. I remember when he started Skydiving, he use to look up in the sky and said "Perfect weather today...", or if it was cloudy he was hitting to check for the weekend. We actually had a bet of who can stop smoking the longest. In case I started before him, he wanted a new skyjump suit.
I helped moving some servers a couple of months ago at Jason's old work (SSI) and ran across Jason's network share. I hope nobody minds me sharing these quotes that he had in a text file:
"Be certain that you do not takeold baggage into a new relationship or the old heartache will return...only witha new name.
There are a lot of people in this world, and you can live with practically anyone, but the key is to find someone that you can't live without."
There are also two large skydive video files that I will try to compress and put on the website in the next couple of days (note 12/12/03: The video files are the first jump already here posted as a smaller file and the first jump from Alex, a buddy of Jason. If you don't mind the large download (75mb and 20mb Alex1.avi click on each file to view/download). If you want them burned on a CD, contact me and we arrange that as well.)

I hope that he is happy where he is. I miss him and I'll remember him.

- Swen
I saw this quote and it reminded me of the campfire conversation that Eric mentioned. It seems to go along with what Jason said that day...

"It's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years."


We’re still missing you, my friend.

Well, it looks like we are coming up on a year in a few days. Just want you to know that we are thinking of you all as we share our precious memories of Jason. He will constantly be remembered and missed.
Every day we send you our love.
Always~ Mike, Tammie & the boys

Again you continue to amaze us..on

Wednesday July 9th Marshall, Dave, Cheri and I attended an award service ..the Jason Fitzsimmons Spirit Award Service.

UICI has designated an annual award to commemorate you and your professional and personal goals in life...WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Chet gave this speech (Jason's boss):

"Jason Fitzsimmons came to the Insurance Center in March of 2002. He moved here from Houston where he had worked as a network administrator and quickly became an intergral part of the UICI AST family. He was only 24 but had accomplished several of his professional and personal goals in life. He had told his family that he wanted to work in IT and he quickly accomplished that goal. For those who worked with Jason, you know what a free spirit he truly was, He had a very easy-going, laid back personality and was the type of person you always knew where he was coming from. He wasn't afraid to let you know where that was, especially first thing in the morning before he had has his coffee. He loved his family and hanging out with his friends. While Jason was a great team member to have and was here with us during late night and weekend implementations, it was his zest life that has left a lasting impression. Jason's skydiving friends said Jason was "living the life". They said that many people talk about doing things but Jason did them, There are those people who participate in the sport of skydiving that only jump now and then, those who only skydive but do not excel in their professional career and those who work to jump. These are the people they consider "living the life". These people tend to be successful professionally and in their passion for skydiving. This was Jason. Jason's enthusiasim for his sport and the things he wanted to accomplish in life were inspiring. He was even able to get a couple of co-workers to go jump out of a perfectly good plane, an experience neither will ever forget. The Jason Fitzsimmons Spirit Award has been created to recognize those people we work with that not only excel at work but also inspire us with the things they accomplish outside of the office. It is a fitting memorial for someone who, at such a young age, accomplished so much"

The statue, that was part of the award , was a beautiful eagle that had it's wings spread far apart. It was so befitting of the free spirit you truly were..........

We are all missing you so much Jason and as we travel back to Wrightsville beach this weekend your family will be celebrating you and continue to strive to be the kind of person you were and that we loved so much.

Love Aunt Christie

I moved my family to Texas for a job at Solid Systems where I met and got to sometimes work with Jason -- so I was surely shocked to learn of his demise. You see, I have a son who was exactly the same age as Jason -- so it hit home with me very quickly. My sincere condolences to Jason's family and friends. He was a unique person who very obviously had quite a bright future.

Gary Eckstein
I came across this quote today...

"They say it takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, a day to love them, but then an entire lifetime to forget them."

Still missing you so much, Jason

I am not sure who this email will go to, but I was searching for the clothing line "mad sky" for an outifit for my toddler when I stumbled across your website. I couldn't stop reading. What a truly wonderful tribute. You all are a wonderful group of friends anyone could have.
Heather Hudson

And if I go,
While you’re still here ……
Know that I live on,
Vibrating to a different
behind a thin veil
you cannot see through.
You will not see me,
So you must have faith.
I wait for the time when we
Can soar together again,
-both aware of each other.
Until then, live your life to the fullest.
And when you need me,
Just whisper my name in
Your heart,
…I will be there

Colleen Corah Hitchcock

We miss you so much Jason

Dad, Lorri, Tory and Roy

Not a day goes by that I don't have a smile on my face and a tear in my eye when I think of you Jason. I 'm trying really hard to live up to your legacy but quite honestly I fall short. You are the best and I am so thankful that you were in my childrens lives as long as you were. They talk about you all the time and I promise you "we won't sweat the small stuff" (this is a hard one). Some of your belongings grace our home and I think you would get a chuckle out of what Uncle Bill chose to save......... I love you and miss you. Give Grumps a big hug & kiss from us !
love Aunt Christie
As I look at my calendar, I can’t believe how quickly time has passed since the accident. It’s so hard to process the fact that Jason and I had grown so close and had so many good times together, yet had only been together for one month.

I can’t do anything without having a memory of Jason popping up. He made me laugh so much, that it’s impossible not to have a smile on my face whenever I’m thinking of him.

Shortly after we began seeing each other, there was a time when we were getting into a battle over something and he finally just said, “Oh pipe down.” I started laughing so hard, because I’d never heard anyone use that phrase before. After he saw how much I enjoyed it, he would constantly say it, and it always got me laughing. On the days that I just don’t know how I’ll get through this, I just imagine Jason telling me to “Pipe down” (or quoting his little cousin, Jackson) and it helps me to stop crying.

Jason and I seemed to spend a lot of time listening to music. Every time I think of him singing along to “Rocky Raccoon” I have to start laughing. Even though he was driving while he was singing, he still managed to stomp his foot and play air harmonica along with the song. It was hilarious. We had a lot of the same taste in music—except for country, which he despised. One day he told me that he was flipping through the stations and heard the absolute worst country song in his life. He told me he was tempted to call me up right at the moment, so I could hear the song. He swore that if I had heard that terrible song, I would have been forever turned off by country music (Nice try, Jason. It’ll never happen).

When we weren’t listening to Dave Matthews or his friend Dave’s band, Polariss, he would play Carole King, the Beatles, and old, old Genesis for me constantly. One day he told me that he had the perfect song for me to hear. It was an old Genesis song that talked about Juliet living upstairs, and Romeo downstairs in his basement flat. He was laughing at how fitting that song was for us. (for those of you that don’t know, Jason’s apartment is downstairs from mine.)

Every time I look at his balcony, I can just picture him standing there when he first returned from North Carolina. He looked so tan and he had that great smile. I told my friends that I could never complain about his smoking, because if it wasn’t for his numerous trips out to his balcony who knows how long it would have taken before we would have met.

I can’t believe how many different things we’ve discussed. That’s why it’s so hard for me to comprehend the fact that we were only together for one month. How does someone become such a huge part of your life in such a short time? It just makes me realize how special my relationship was with him. While the length of our time together was very short, the memories we shared together seem to be immeasurable.

Every time I think of that adorable dimple and how he used it to charm his way out of situations, I have to smile. Anytime he’d make an obnoxious comment, he’d just say, “Hey Cheri,” and continue to point at his dimple until I started to laugh.

Besides cracking me up all the time, Jason would also do the sweetest things for me. Sometimes it would just amaze me to see him switch from his obnoxious behavior into this totally considerate guy. Anyone that can sit and listen to a million stories about my students has got to be pretty great. When he wanted to take me to dinner after my first day of school, I warned him that the entire conversation would probably revolve around my experiences with my new class, and he was totally fine with that saying that he loved to hear me talk about them.

Jason was so excited when he got his new skydiving helmet. He came upstairs and was modeling it for me right away. He even wore it while he took a smoke break on my balcony. We would joke about whether or not it was going to be hard for him to get used to wearing the camera on his helmet too, and joked that he was going to start walking around with his head tilted to the left from the weight. After that first weekend of filming, he was the happiest guy in the world. As soon as he got home that Sunday night, he had me come downstairs so I could watch the footage from all 18 jumps he’d done that weekend. Then he managed to spend every single evening of the following week editing that film. I swear I watched a million versions of the video that’s on the website now. He’d be downstairs editing, while I was upstairs grading, until he got hungry and would come up to steal my food. He was so excited once he finally decided on the music for the film too. Being the picky person that he was, he was bothered by the fact that the music ends just a moment before his video ends. As he left for skydiving that last weekend, I said to him, “Well, let me guess what you’re going to be doing all next week?” “What’s that?” “Editing your footage from this weekend.” “Yep, it’s going to be a new cycle- shoot footage all weekend, and edit the following week.”

Everything was so comfortable about our relationship. Hanging out on the balcony was one of my favorite things. We’d sit there and talk about how much we enjoyed our lives, how much we loved our jobs and share tons of stories about our families and friends. We loved to watch storms come and go too. The two of us would also complain that we never saw other neighbors just sitting out on their balconies like us, enjoying the evening. I’d set up our “ghetto ottomans” (two cardboard boxes) and we’d sit back and relax. He’d talk about how he wanted to get a pilot’s license, take scuba diving lessons, buy a trailer to keep at the drop zone, and get an SUV to tow it.

Having met Jason really is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I still feel like he’s with me all the time. It hurts so much to know he’s gone. I still have so much trouble accepting the fact that this is forever. When you’re so used to seeing someone every single day, it leaves such an empty feeling inside to know they aren’t coming back.

I really believe that Jason and I moved into the same apartment building for a reason. I think we were meant to meet and share such great times together. I really do feel so lucky to think that God chose me to be his girlfriend. Jason I will never, ever forget you. I feel blessed to know that I have two guardian angels to watch over me now. Jason, Grandma Katie is used to helping me out in life and I think she played a large part in bringing us together in the first place. I’m so extremely grateful for that.

I miss you so much!

Just a few short words...
I never met Jason , we were friends of Brad we went to Whistler in march 2002 and met Brad there. Brad would say how much he loved skydiving and Iam sure you ( Jason) was a big part of all his enjoyment in skydiving. To all Jason's family and friends our deepest sympathies go out to you all.

Tony , Helen from the uk.

Jason's brother Matt likes to share this link. Pictures from Jasons memorial service at the dropzone.
For those of you that read my posting, you know that I will be putting together a tribute video to Jason's life. Jason's family has collected some pictures and other items to be included in the video. I would like to include additional material from his friends. Perhaps those of you that new him best may have some pictures or video of your own. Please look around your homes to see if you have anything related to Jason's life that should be included in the tribute: Pictures of Jason, his office, his hangouts, the jump sites, his apartments, ANYTHING. . .. Please call me at 425-444-0507 to discuss. Thank you.

Eric Arthur
Seattle, WA
I actually came upon your website by mistake and enjoyed reading about Jason. Although I've never met him, I feel like I know him now. Jason was blessed to have such good friends and loving family in his life. What a touching tribute!

Denese Drake
What I learned from Jason Fitzsimmons by Cristi Carrington.......

I did not know Jason as well as some who have posted their thoughts on him, but he certaintly had a great impact on my life. It has been said that with each person we know and come into contact with, we make an impression and leave them having touched them in some way. I met Jason almost three years ago through a good friend of his, Eric Arthur. I had heard a considerable amount about him, and he and Eric's hysterical escapades.

As I got to know him and some of their other close friends, there was sort of a saying among them; "Oh, that is just Jason." I didn't understand what they meant. Sometimes I would get strange vibes from him and I didn't understand what was going on with him. Jason was not like other people I had met. It took me a year or so to figure it out what his friends meant by that saying. Most often times when you meet people, they put on acts in order to get people to like them, notice them, or get their attention because of their insecurities. People will act one way when they feel another. Not Jason. If he didn't like something, he would let you know. If he wasn't having a good time or if he was having a great time, he let you know. He was an honest and genuine person. If you asked him a question, he would tell you the truth. I always knew where I stood with him and that he was always true to himself and those in his life.

Things said in other postings thus far are definitely true. . .he was a great person, who always tried to be your friend, and really new how to appreciate life. I think everyone can say that about him and mean it. But what Jason taught me most is to be a better person. He taught me that you don't have to go through life putting on facades to be a successful individual. To be able to go through life like he did being a honest person is truly a magnificent feat.
Jason Fitzsimmons was one of my very best friends in the world. He was like a brother to me. We met at high school in The Woodlands, TX in 1993. At that time, I had just moved south from upstate NY. I knew very few people. Building a friendship with Jason during that time made my experience in a new town much easier. Over the course of 9 years we developed a friendship that I'll never forget.

When we met, the two of us had not yet taken much advantage of what life had to offer. I've thought a great deal about the loss of my friend. I think about all adventures we shared, the lessons we learned together, and the plans we made for the future. I have never had someone close to me die. When I heard the news, I thought. . . .no, it can't be. . .not to Jason. . .not to one of us. How could it be? We still have too many things to do.. . he can't go yet. It's very difficult for me to come to terms with this realization. . .I'm not sure that I ever will. Thinking about this tragedy has kept me up nights, wondering. . .why?. . . what's the reason for this? why does this make sense? I run through it over and over and I always come back to a piece of reasoning that helps me fall asleep: Jason loved life. He loved his existence.

I can remember a time when a small group of us were camping in Conroe, TX. Four young men were talking around the campfire. .. about girls, parties, college plans, trips we'd take; at one point someone looked up at the stars and asked one of the age old questions. . ."how did we all get here?". The debate went on for what seemed like hours as it has for centuries. In the middle of the arguing, Jason made the point this it doesn't matter how we all got here. . .what matters is how we are going to use the time that we have. Knowing what I know now, knowing that his time was cut shorter than most, part of me feels very sad. But the other part of me feels happy. . . thinking about the fact that Jason made the most of the time he had. He did more in his short life than most do in full lifetimes. He was an adventurer and traveler. . . .a sportsman. . he appreciated the simple things in life, as well as the complicated. He focused on those things that were most important to him. His family, his friends, his happiness, his career. So many spend the better part of their life trying to find their place in this world, and so many fail. Jason knew exactly what made him happy and why it made him happy. I believe that at the time of his death, he was the happiest he'd ever been. He had a great job, a wonderful girlfriend, family that loved him, many close friends. . ..and he participated in exciting hobbies that complimented his personality. I'm able to get back to sleep because I know that Jason practiced exactly what he preached at that campsite that night. He sought life in a manner we can all learn from.

I'd like to share with everyone some of the experiences that Jason and I had together, experiences that reflect his passion for life and his goodhearted nature. We stayed out of trouble for the first year or so. Jason worked at Burger King for that year. Andrew and I would be over there every single day bothering Jason. He was such a good guy. . . .he would get us free food every time we went in. I had free lunch, and sometimes dinner, for the whole year. Most of the time I didn't even ask. We'd sit down, and Jason would come over with a tray of food. In addition. . .there was a very cute girl that worked with him. He put in a good word for me and she and I ended up together for a while. I refer to those time as the Burger King days. Jason provided me free food and a great girlfriend. . . .what a combo!!!

The following year I became a senior, he was a junior. This is when we started to cause a little trouble. Beer came into the scenario and things were never the same. There was that time that we were going to drive downtown to see the Pink Floyd laser light show. We got down there and realized that we had missed the show. Not wanting to waste an evening, we tried to think of what we could do at that hour. . .11pm. Not much for underage guys to do.. . .we decided, without giving it much thought. . ."why not just keep driving south".. . .so we drove all the way to the Galveston that night. In retrospect it was pretty dumb. . . a two hour drive in the middle of the night, to a place we new nothing about, after already having a few drinks. We sat out there, on the peer, had a few beers, and stared at the ocean for a while. It was so nice out there, so much fun. We didn't get home till the sun came out. What a blast!

Marsh and Vicki were always so cool. They gave Jason a lot of leeway. .. .even though they knew he was going to be hanging out with me. I think that the leeway was part of what helped J develop such a love for life. I too had a lot of leeway with my parents. With more freedom, we were able to get out and do more. True. . ..we made more mistakes, and got in more trouble than we would have otherwise. . ..but sometimes you learn more after making the mistake, than from just getting the parental lesson. . .and it's the experiences we were able to take part in, because of the leeway, that made us who we were.

There was the time that some other friends dragged Jason and I to a dance club. We were still just under 21 and could not get beer at the bar. We decided to sneak in a few Heinekens. We were having such a good time. . .I was actually convinced to get out on the dance floor. Jason was happy were he was and offered to stay and hang on to my beer. What we didn't know was that the dance club did not serve Heineken. One of the security guards noticed Jason with the two bottles. It's pretty tough to argue your way out of that one when the bar doesn't offer that kind of beer. Marsh had to come all the way out and pick up J. Security knew that there had to be another guy since J had two beers in his hand. He never turned me in though. He actually gave me a nod to get the heck out of the bar before they took him into the office.. . . .what great guy he was. . ..

Once we hit 21, things just got crazier. We had many late nights and took many road trips. I ended up going to college in Austin, while J went to Tech. I would spend summers up in New York at my parents lake house. One summer we were throwing a big 4th of July party. We had a band set up on the cliffs, a big bonfire, outdoor bar. .. the works. As soon as J got wind of the event, he bought a plane ticket and flew up from TX. He didn't want to miss something like that with his buddy, and he had never been in that area before. He couldn't possibly pass on an opportunity like that considering his love of life. We ended up having one of the best nights ever. I've actually got some video of the night that will be on the tribute tape I am putting together. (for those interested, we are designing a video tape that will include pictures and video clips of Jason's life. If anyone would like a copy, please contact me). After the party, I was supposed to drive back to TX alone, as my summer job was beginning. J decided to drive back with me, rather than fly back. We had a great time just heading back on the road. . .that in itself was worth him flying up

.I've got a million more stories to tell about this guy, so if anyone wants to talk sometime, please give me a call. Jason will be sorely missed by all that new him. I feel fortunate to have been able to spend all the time I had with him. He would always comment about the influence I had on him. . .on the things that I taught him. . ..the good and the bad. . .but I think I learned twice as much from him than he ever did from me. Because of him I will always give the extra effort to make the most of my time. . .to appreciate life. . .and to concentrate on doing those things that I know make me happy. As J showed us, it doesn't matter how we got here so much as, what we do now that we are here. Goodbye J, we loved you and we'll miss you. ACE

Eric Arthur
Seattle, WA
w. (425)450-1090
h. (425)444-0507

I was so fortunate to receive this poem in the mail today. Jason sent this to some of his friends to explain why he loved skydiving. I will cherish this because I so get it Jas.

Love Mom

Dear Jason,
Over the past three years having your family as my neighbors and an opportunity to meet and spend time with you is the best gift I could ever dream of. I will forever cherish the memories and the good times we have had. You will always be in my heart. As for Vicky, Marsh and Matt, please don't worry about them - I will do my best to care for them and love them as much as you do. You are truly a special and incredible human being - There will never be a day that I don't think of you and what an awesome person you are. I don't think I ever told you thank you for helping me trim my Christmas tree, you have no idea how special that evening was to me. Thank you
Till we meet again,
p.s. Always remember the hug I gave you when you were visiting in June and replay it in your mind as often as you like - I do it about 20 times each day

Dear Jason,

I was thinking about you today and I had to chuckle. After living next door to you for so many years, I am blessed with many fond memories.

I think of many times walking through the gate between our houses and seeing your long legs hanging out from under your car. 'Hey, Jason' - 'Hi, Miss Tam.' And I would walk by like you belonged under there.

Remember when you would come up the drive way and Matt's bike would be in your way and you would hang his bike up in the tree?

The coonskin hat party? The Cutco Knife presentation? You and Sparky swimming out to see the dolphins?

And the day you came over with one of your first skydive videos. I've really never seen such JOY! I just had to have some of that!! Thanks for sharing that joy with me!

The memories are many, but today I laugh when I think of the faces of all those angels as you flew into heaven (upside down, no doubt! Saying~Yeah, Baby!) I think of the joy you are sharing there, as you are probably teaching them how to do tricks in flight, how to pack their own wings,or perhaps organizing some sort of ring jump!!

I will always miss you, Jason, but with a smile. You were not just my neighbor. You were my friend ! I celebrate your life and the wonderful and loving way you lived it.

Miss Tammie

PS: Spunks sends his love.

I met Jason only on a few occasions at his Dad & Step-Mother's house in Ct. His Step-Mom, Lorri and I are best friends. But, I've heard so many Jason stories I feel like I've known him a long time! At Christmas time last year, while he was visiting, I got to spend a few days with Jason and found that he was everything and more that I had heard about him! He was intelligent, funny, and caring not to mention very handsome. My "favorite part" of these days were watching him and his Dad laughing and joking with one another. Boy, what a couple of teasers!!!! They never missed a beat! It's been a very painful time for anyone who was fortunate enough to know Jason. He certainly made quite an impression on me! God has a greater plan for Jason. Someday we'll all find out what it is. But for now, my thoughts and prayers are with you Jason, and your family and friends.

Love, Lin"duh"
Jason touched my life without realizing it. I am recalling countless occasions where Jason went out of his way to help without ever seeming burdened—setting up cubical walls, finding me a decent chair, showing me how to play my Dave Matthews CD when I first had a CD Rom, the endless PC support… I’ve been out of touch with Jason since our days at TETRA. Ironically, I’ve carried his business card with me anyway, knowing I could call him if ever I had a need. Knowing his life was cut short of so many fulfilling experiences yet to come breaks my heart. His warm nature was remarkable. He was also wise and funny, never condescending, and had an easy-going nature that was contagious.

Recently I dreamt of a visit with a friend who had overcome a precarious situation. Surrounded by his loved ones, the young man was in the highest of spirits and explained that he was wonderful, even better than he ever had been. The dream alarmed me, as I recalled another hopeful dream I had within hours of losing a loved one. Now I’ve learned we have lost Jason. I adored him and miss him. It’s comforting to imagine the young man in my dream could be Jason, calmly explaining that he is divine.


I'd jumped with Jason probably not more than 3 or 4 times. I'd seen him down in Houston once, and then all of a sudden here he was at Skydive Dallas! Brad, Scott Davidson & myself were beginning to be pretty regular free flyers, and as circles have it, Jason was making his way in pretty quick. I regret having not the opportunity to get to know Jason better, because there was a spark in his eye that said it all. I had the privilege of accompanying him on his last skydive with his family, at his memorial. It is ironic in life that things should work out in the reverse!

What I mean is that, to know Jason's family is to know Jason! Marshall, Vicky, Dave, Laura, & ALL of the others that were at Lonnigans that day after the service...there are no words that can express my feelings in having the opportunity of knowing you. That "get together" was not about the loss of someone great, but a celebration of someone & how they lived their life fully! And it is synergistic to family. In knowing and speaking with all of you, it makes me realize that I have missed out an opportunity of knowing someone who was truly wonderful! But he lives through you all affecting you the way he was beginning to affect us all at Skydive Dallas!
My heart and thoughts are with you all!
Peter Maxtone-Graham

Memorial Speech given by Christine:
I went on the internet last night looking for a skydiver’s prayer. The one I found I shouldn’t repeat in front of children. I did find a list of “you know you’re a skydiver when” statements and a few reminded me of Jason. You know you’re a skydiver when

  • On a cloudy and windy day you go to the drop zone anyway and bitch about the weather.
  • You walk everywhere watching the sky.
  • When you buy anything you equate it to how many skydives it will cost.
  • Buying a house seems like a terrible waste of jump money.

Anyone who knew Jason knew his passion for skydiving, his interest in computers and how much he loved his family and friends. He always tried to get his friends to experience the thrill and joy he felt skydiving...(more)

I came across this and thought of sending it to my daughter for her birthday. After reading it, i feel it may be helpful for all who love and miss Jason.
"Have you ever felt that inner tug or a silent voice of caution or an invisible hand leading you down some path? It just might be your Angel making sure everything is okay. And if you listen with your heart, you'll hear all of your Angel's love around you soft and clear."
- Nora

I am one of the countless people in this world who considers himself Brad’s closest friend. Having said that, I am sad to say that I never had the privilege to meet one of his other close friends: Jason. But I can say without a doubt that he must have been a person much like Brad. I’ve started hearing more and more stories about Jason from Rick and some of his other skydiving friends. And I can tell that he was so very loved by his family and friends. I feel even more for all of his skydiving friends because they lost not one, but two people who were each at the top of their game. Like Brad, Jason has left a void that must be filled – hopefully with happiness. And certainly with the memories of a young man who poured his heart and soul into everything he did. The nice words written by Jason’s aunt on Brad’s web site really brought everything into perspective for me. When she said that he gave 110% during the week just so that he could realize and fulfill his true passion whenever the weekend would roll around, she was referring to Jason. But I can honestly say the exact same thing of Brad. It fills my heart with complete joy knowing that Jason and Brad were together in their last moments, doing what they both loved doing more than anything on earth – while floating above earth.

Chris Sekin

I first met Jason while working at TETRA Technologies Inc. He came to work for the MIS department after attending classes at Texas Tech. He had always told me that he was interested in computers and technology. When he first came to work for the computer department, he had an insatiable appetite for knowledge. He calmly handled everything that faced him, nothing ever made him uneasy professionally. There were times we in the department had troubles here and there, but Jason didn’t let this bother him, he steadily worked through it and found a solution. He always cordially dealt with every person that had problems, no matter how irate, and fixed them. What made “Fitz” stand apart from the rest was his desire to get things done, but with regard to what the end result was. This puzzled me, everyone in our field seems to fixate on just making money and getting the least amount of hassle. Not Fitz, he enjoyed and excelled with the problems he faced. This is when I realized what caliber of a man he was.

As a friend, he was top shelf. We would go to Molly’s and let off steam after work, and shop talk most of the time. He was always about having a good time. Never a prejudice, or angry bone in his body. He welcomed everyone into his company regardless.

The last I heard from Jason is when he worked at Solid Systems, my business partner said his main passion was skydiving. I muttered to myself, "that crazy fitz". By that time Jason had moved to Dallas. Some time went by and I had always thought of Fitz here and there.

I am still trying to be like you Fitz, you were a first rate friend, data man, and someone who wasn't afraid to take a chance.

When I see you next, the Chimay's are on me.


Dear Jason,

I cannot express to you my respect, love, and admiration for you. When you first came to meet us in Connecticut, I could not believe how you melded so easily into our family. You handled what could have been an awkward situation with such ease and confidence. As your Dad always said about you, "he just dazzled me". I've learned over the years not to care much about what other people thought of me, but I did care what you thought. You were so mature beyond your years, and incredibly special. Although our time as a family was not too long, I am so proud to call you my stepson. I wish that Tory and Roy could have had you in their lives longer. I learned so much from you in the short time we had. There will always be a hole that will never be filled, until we meet again.


Dear Jason and Brad,

I can't begin to describe what it was like making friends with you at the DZ and spending countless hours jumping together. It takes time to make bonds beyond the sit-fly campfires, tube exits, and lawn darts. As much as I enjoy skydiving, I enjoyed being with you guys even more. You made skydiving fun. You pushed me to be a better skydiver; you encouraged me even when we busted the dive-flow; and you never had a harsh word to say.

Your maturity in the sport was well beyond the number of jumps you had, and I trusted you on *every* single exit from the plane. We couldn't have progressed as fast as we did without the trust and confidence in each other. I value that more than any difficult dock or perfect swoop landing. In writing this, it dawns on me what skydiving is about. It's about the people you meet and put your trust in. It's about the friendships you build and develop not only in the sky but, more importantly, on the ground. It's about the brotherhood of sharing a passion. That's skydiving... that's you guys.

I feel robbed that our time together was cut short, but the opportunity to be your friend and skydiving partner will last a lifetime. Thanks for the time we shared together. It was the best time of my life.

Blue skies forever,

I knew Jason from his work at TETRA. He was a very dedicated employee and always did an excellent job. His winning smile and sense of humor will be missed. My youngest son and Jason are the same age and therefore I followed Jason's early career at TETRA with interest. He matured in to a fine young man.

I know that words can not express the loss and sorrow that you are feeling now. However, I do know that God will provide special comfort and relief from unbearable sorrow and He is gracious to all. My prayer is that you will experience that comfort today.

Ray Symens

I was blown away stepping into your life in Dallas. I've always know what a great person you were, but to understand what you've done outside of your life with your family gives me a whole new respect for the person that you were. At home with our family you were always so loving and caring. It was amazing to see you with the little children. This past trip to Wilmington it was so cool to hang-out with you not only as my nephew, Jas, but as your own man.
In Dallas, it was so awesome to see your other families - your family at work (and sounds like you had such a blast with them outside of work), and your family at SkyDive Dallas and your family at Cornerbrook. You accomplished so much and touched so many lives deeply in your short life. I will always love and respect the person you were. I miss you Jas, Uncle Mark.
Memorial Speech given by Uncle Mark:
I'm Jason's Uncle Mark from North Carolina. Vicky, Marshall and Matt have asked me to say a few words on behalft. Frist, thank you all for being here. If you take a look around, you'll probably see some faces you've never seen before, people you have not met. I hope you'll get a chance to talk to a few of these people because if you do you'll quickly realize this is Jason's family. Some people may look at what we're doing here today and ask why would we have a ceremony at a drop zone. Those of us who knew Jason well would not ask that question. Jason had a passion for skydiving. A couple of days ago...(more)
To all of Jason's family, friends, and acquaintances:

I never met Jason, but Brad Walk who died with Jason on that fateful day was one of the best friends and roommates I ever had. When I heard what had happened I was obviously devastated about Brad, but I also felt horrible for Jason because while Brad was 33 which is way too young to be taken from us, I know that Jason was only 24. I had the good fortune ... (more)

Jason, our "Jase-B-Gase", you were such a wonderful person. For eight years, I have known you, and have watched you grow from a quiet, shy teen to a confident, self-assured young man who had so much love to give. I watched you place everyone else's needs before your own. I knew you had made a huge success for yourself in your career, but had no idea to what extent until now, hearing about how well loved and respected you were with your colleagues. Your extended family loves you so much, and we miss you more than words can express. Your cousin, Jackson, still calls you "My Jason." Love you, Haskipepper.
I recently saw a wonderful old Eskimo legend, it read " Perhaps they are not stars in the sky, but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy"
Shine on Jason!

Jason passing has given many sleepless hours at night asking why this is happening. I am not use to the pain of loss in family members. I have been fortunte in that respect till now. I was angry that he is not here. Not with me, but here, with the family. It was not his time. This was selfish of me. Me.... wanting what I thought should be friend. How could God take him. Now I realize. Life is a gift of God. Freely given to be used as we choose to live He wishes only that we acknowlege his love and honor Him in our deeds. his life and presence among his many ways I think even he did not realize...has fulfilled his debt to our Lord for the gift of his life.....and surely will abide for eternity among those who dare to live life to it's fullest. I know that Jason would not want the pain we are suffering to be our final memory. He would have us soar with eternity......please that I will someday soar with him again. Dear Lord.

Uncle Bill &.Aunt Christie

--- Jason, What a small world it is, and what makes the journey wonderful is building friendships with people like you along the way. Even though our relationship as co-workers at Solid Systems was only a brief summer, our bond as friends and my admiration for you will live on forever. What a blessing to have known you, and to know the many I have met and hold dear through your memory. Godspeed through the bluest skies my friend.

- Phillip

I met Jason when he was just a toddler. I have fond memories of visiting the Evans house and bouncing him on my knee in the den. Its been a priviledge to watch him grow up to become such a great human being. He's my nephew, but more importantly, he's been a great friend. We're all so fortunate to have been able to spend a week in July vacationing with Jason at Wrightsville Beach, NC. He'll be with us forever.

- Brad Gleason

I only knew Jason for a few months while we both were at Downstream Energy. He was always fun to be around and I always knew that I could depend on him. Also, he could always find a way of making me laugh when there wasn't much to laugh about. He was a great person and a he will be missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

John Silver
Downstream Energy

Jason was a close friend of mine at TETRA. We spent time together at work on smoke breaks and after work having a beer. He loved life, friends and he was always there to help even when he really did not have the time. The first time that we met we had gone to lunch with a mutual friend and shared a Bianca pizza at the little Italian restaurant and from that moment one we were friends for life. I know that if I had ever needed anything Jason would always be there for me... He was honest, loving, respectful and caring. I cant even put into words how much he will be missed. Just know that he is in a better place and like Lynette said, God was short an angel".

Staci Smith 281-364-2212
What can I not say about Jason? He was wonderful. I remember the first day we met and the last time we spoke. I have thought about him many of times over the last year and a half. Jason gave my daughter his cat, Molly. My daughter still reminds me, "Jason gave Molly to me." I am not sure I ever said Thank You. He cared about others and loved his family. We will all miss him. It does not matter if we spoke yesterday or a year ago, he was a true friend. I will never forget his sincerity. He didn't have to try, it was genuine and from the heart.

You will be missed......
Love, Alisha & Madison
There are no words to express how sad I felt to hear that Jason was taken from us so young. He was a great person and I was lucky to know him. He was always there to help solve my computer problems. He was very good at it. We had fun on the company bowling league. He will truly be missed. He is part of God's big we all hopefully will be one day.

To Jason's family, you can be proud of the man he was becoming. You raised him well and he was a respected co-worker and friend. I miss him.

Tina Zelahy
TETRA Technologies, Inc.

Jason was like an angel - a sweet baby face attached to a big hard-working body. He would move huge pieces of furniture by himself without any regard to what it might do to his back. Jason was so good-natured - always smiling and willing to help whenever possible. He grew up in our company from a high school student to a nice, handsome young man. He was well liked by everyone and had no known enemies. He will always be fondly remembered by those of us who worked closely with him at TETRA.

Virginia Gilbert
TETRA Technologies, Inc.
Jason was one of my first friends at my new job. His was the first smile. I'll never forget him because of that. One always wonders why the good ones go so early. I'm sure it's because God was short an angel.

Lynette Corder
281/362-9735 X14

Thinking back on all the the time I spent with Jason - the smoke breaks, the foosball, the happy hours, the network outages - I knew him as a modest guy who just wanted to be happy and be with friends. Knowing people and having relationships are one of the few really important things in this world. That is why my one regret is that I would like to have known him better. God speed Jason, I will see you again someday.


I am missing Jason. He was a great guy and a loyal friend. You don't meet somebody like him everyday. We worked together at two places and use to break into each other network to test it and to learn more. Jason was always there when you needed him and a hell of a foozball player. I recall many good times we share together. I will always remember Jason.

Swen Wulf

Once you have flown, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward,
for there you have been, there you long to return. -- Leonardo da Vinci