In loving memory to Jason Fitzsimmons
Ride Like The Wind                                      April 30, 1978 - August 23, 2002

To all of Jason's family, friends, and acquaintances:

I never met Jason, but Brad Walk who died with Jason on that fateful day was one of the best friends and roommates I ever had. When I heard what had happened I was obviously devastated about Brad, but I also felt horrible for Jason because while Brad was 33 which is way too young to be taken from us, I know that Jason was only 24. I had the good fortune ... (more) go to Brad's funeral and service up in the Boston area and was amazed to see how many lives he touched. There must have been 500 people at the funeral and service (the Rabbi made the comment that the only time they have that many people in there is for holiday services). From the dedications to Jason that I just read, I suspect that if Jason didn't have that many people at his service, he would have had he made it to 33 (Brad made many, many friends and fans in the last 9 years). Speakers from the 4 communities of Brad's life (Tulane/pike fraternity, skydving, growing up, Atlanta/Dallas/Advertising) spoke at the service and they all had very funny stories to share about Brad that had us in hysterics. Laughing at a funeral service, but that is exactly the way Brad would have wanted it. I just lost my father on July 21st after watching him dying of a Cancer that was eating away at his brain for most of July so this has been a difficult summer for me. The reason I mention about the funny comments at Brad's funeral service, is that I suspect from some of the dedications to Jason that he also was quite a funny guy that could put a laugh and smile on your face and I imagine he would want you all to try to remember the good times. In times like these everybody always tries to put a positive spin on things, but my friend Melissa (who knew Brad and had the good fortune to hang out with him on at least a handful of occasions), put the best spin I've heard. She said "Maybe God needed Brad up there with him so he could make him laugh". I really liked that and I think I'm going to try to look at it that way. Maybe the same was true of Jason. One of my many meltdowns where Brad is concerned occurred while I was shaving and I thought to myself that as our friend Brian might say "Only beeping Brad could make me cry while I'm running a sharp object across my face" :) I am of course very, very saddened by the fact that I will never see Brad again, never hear his voice, never see a new e-mail, never hear of any new antics, but, I feel very fortunate and blessed to have had him in my life and to have had the privilege of having him as one of my best friends and roomates. Some people were never lucky enough to have met Brad. I know Jason's loss is an incredibly horrific thing for all of you, but, do try to think of the good memories he brought you, and do try to be thankful that you had him in your life if only for a short time. Some people weren't lucky enough to ever have met Jason. I am one of those people. My deepest sympathies to you and my wishes that those of you that know each other comfort each other to the best of your abilities.

Eric G. Singer
Atlanta, GA